COZA Marketing started out in 2007 as Google Ads management specialists. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the years and for your Google Ads to be successful you need qualified Google Ads managers and a great website. Your website should be your number 1 salesperson and if you combine a great website with targeted traffic it leads to sales!

Overall it’s a very simple process however each process has a lot of moving parts that need to all work together towards a common goal. Getting all these parts optimised is what we’re all about.

The Google Ads Leads Process





Price for 1 minute

Your text

Your text

Your text

Your text

Your text

Your text

Your text



Relevant keywords

Relevant ads

Right audience

Right target area

Accurate tracking

Sufficient budget

Optimised website/landing page

Clear call-to-action



Quick to load

Aesthetically pleasing

Easy to navigate

Responsive to all screen sizes

All elements functioning properly

Unique, quality content

SEO basics employed

Tracking installed

Clear call-to-action on each page



Followed up quickly and effectively

Fully tracked

Added to a remarketing list

Know the cost you're willing to pay per lead

Churned & Optimised to ensure they're profitable

Our main goal is to add value to your online marketing and to ensure that you get a positive return on your advertising investment.

Contact us to optimise your Google Ads leads process!

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