Benefits of Google Ads

Targeting options

Depending on your product/service, your targeting needs will differ. Google Ads caters for any targeting need. Location targeting ranges from:

  • The World
  • Only a couple of countries (eg. SADC region)
  • Only one country (eg. South Africa)
  • One or more regions within a country (eg. Gauteng, South Africa)
  • Or even a 10km radius around your business premises (which won’t attract that many clicks but it could be useful)


This is one of the main benefits of Google Ads because you only pay once a user clicks on your ad and is taken to your website. The cost per click for each and every keyword differs depending on various factors such as:

  • The amount of advertisers bidding on that particular keyword
  • Your quality score for that keyword
  • How relevant the keyword is to your product/service
  • And various other factors

Reporting & Statistics

With Google Ads every single click is tracked. We’ll tell you at the end of each month exactly which keyword had the most clicks, which keyword’s cost per click was the lowest/highest, which keyword lead to the most conversions (sales or leads) and also with the help of Google Analytics we can tell you exactly what those users did once they landed on your website.

It’s prepaid (no contracts)

Once you decide to sign up for Google Ads management by COZA Marketing we send you our suggestion of what your monthly budget should be. If this is acceptable we’ll invoice you for this monthly budget until you decide otherwise. You are completely in control. A portion of this monthly budget is then deposited into your Google Ads account and Google subtracts the cost of the clicks from this amount. Which means you’ll never receive an invoice from COZA Marketing for more than you budgeted for.



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