COZA Leads

Lead generation by COZA Marketing is simple yet effective!

It all starts by defining what a quality lead is to you.

  • It might be a phone call,
  • an email
  • or a completed form with specific user details.

Tell us how many leads you need and how much you are willing to pay for a high quality lead.

We’ll do market research and get back with a no obligation quote.

If you accept the quote you pay the once-off setup fee and cost per lead for the number of leads you wish to acquire.

The setup fee is used to setup all the online marketing campaigns and the cost per lead fees are for managing the campaigns and acquiring the leads.

Once 70% of the required leads have been received by you, you can request a quote for the next set of leads. This time there is no setup fee, but depending on your requirements there might be a minimum retainer fee.

You are not charged for low quality leads or spam!

Our goal would be to gather the leads as quickly as possible so please do not request more leads than you can handle over a 3 month period.